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Fashion and Faith

“I really love that dress,” one handsome senior citizen comments to another as they sit, sorting baby clothes at the local crisis pregnancy center. “It looks so comfortable!” Continue reading

Who Loves Ya?


Let’s not talk about Wall Street, let’s talk about love!

Let’s commune for a second with the spirit of poor Carrie Bradshaw, who wanted Real Love (but got registered as Third Wife).

Love is hard to find! Now sex, on the other hand, is easy. Almost any combination of organs, in whatever numbers (threesomes, groups, solitary self-abusers) can achieve it. You can have sex with or without consent. You can have sex with a sheep. You can definitely have sex with a sheep without consent (because, how would you know?).

But love is hard to find.

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Muslim head scarf no threat to Quebec values, report says

This article in reports that a Quebec commission spent 5 million dollars to conclude that the Muslim headscarf is no threat to the values of Canada and should be allowed. The article discusses various Islamic aspects of the question and ignores another aspect, the fact that our western, re-paganized society has very much to do with the veil.

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