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Fashion and Faith, Again
June 10, 2014, 2:18 pm
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It is Pentecost Sunday at a traditional Catholic church west of Chicago. It is June, cooler this morning than yesterday, with a little rain and thunder during the night so that the air is utterly clear of moisture, and in the diamond-bright lemon-yellow sunshine pouring full upon us from the east stained glass, every dressing of the altar is in sharp focus. Continue reading

America Magazine: Obama is the Vatican II President

It’s official: the bizarro world of the novus ordo has declared that Barack Obama is ‘the spirit of Vatican II.’

All you sincere pro-life Catholics who passively attend and contribute to your local novus ordo parish while tolerating and even aiding through your peace sign and your donations their pro-choice politics, take heed.

All you good Catholics who believe that the government assuming the risk and giant monoopolies reaping the profits is shady, maybe fascist (or socialist, they’re all the same in the end), take heed.

Satan has almost got his unholy planetary alignment. Here it is:

Catholic magazine America ran a piece by Jesuit priest John O’Malley that proclaims Barack Obama “the Spirit of Vatican II.” You can find it right here.

If that doesn’t convince sincere novus ordo Catholics to throw themselves into the SSPX rosary crusade to be at the Holy Father’s side to clean house, what will? (You can send your rosary counts here, every month, as a comment, if you want to. I’m trying to average three rosaries per day–beat me, go ‘head!)

Father O’Malley is absolutely right. As the fifty comments proclaim, he’s nailed it! (Sorry, Lord.) Barack Obama is the spirit of Vatican II. And we need an exorcism.

Dear Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos

Cardinal Prefect, Congregation For the Clergy
Piazza Della Città
Leonina I, 00193
Rome, Italy

Dear Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos,

I just read what you wrote about how some traditionalists were still not satisfied after the Summorum Pontificum, and were writing letters and posting their complaints on the internet to have more traditional masses available. You seemed disturbed. I would like to tell you why I am tempted to complain in public, too.
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Gordimer, Guns, Original Sin

So much time, so much experience, and yet human life is short. The woman who looks out of her photograph on the wrapper in The House Gun is quite grey now, as am I, and her face is set in the sardonic expression of her work, as is my own, try as I might to even the eyebrows and turn up the line of the lips into a real smile.

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