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Really Pro-Life Platform for a Christian Third Party

The Spanish have a saying, Pan para hoy, hambre para mañana, or Bread for today, hunger for tomorrow, and that just about nails down the economic implications of the rush for homosexual marriage. Businesses filed Friend of the Court briefs in huge numbers before the Supreme Court decision, and Marriott summed it up in their celebratory statement as reported by NPR: gays have more disposable income than families with kids, and we want that dough. Mars bars, Apple, Starbucks, Amazon, New York Life and Levi Strauss, 278 in all were eager to throw marriage under the bus for a cut of the action.

That bread dough has a shelf-life, of course. It expires with the next generation–oops, what generation? And then we shall know the hunger. Continue reading

Poor Philippines, It’s Your Turn

Once again Vatican II has been named in a political struggle between pro-life Catholics and liberal Catholics who would institute public policy at variance with Catholic teaching, and thereby do economic and ecological harm.   Continue reading

The Hermeneutic of Hex

Father Gabrielle Amorth is an exorcist.  He has written extensively about it, and has so many fans that some of his work is out in audio form and unsigned paperbacks can go at collectors’ prices.

You too can perform an exorcism, by the way. It’s actually quite easy. Just mention the devil, and you can exorcise a whole roomful of liberals in about two minutes.   Continue reading

Korea’s Planned Parenthood Changes Its Name, China Wakes

History is going to overtake our discussion of abortion. It’s already begun, you can hear the distant bells. Continue reading

Planned Parenthood to South Korea: Oops, We Destroyed You! Sorry!

In the astonishingly frank 2009 interview linked here, the head of Korean Planned Parenthood , Mr. Choi Seon-jeony, details the depth of Korea’s depopulation crisis and the transformation it has wreaked upon Planned Parenthood itself. Go read it, but if you don’t have time, you will find a short summary below. The reader may notice inconsistencies in the summary; they are present in the original.

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Credo in Planned Parenthood? How UnGreen Can You Get!

My friend gets an eco-friendly magazine called Plenty. I like it. It’s very Catholic in spirit because it challenges the public to lead virtuous lives regarding our use of the earth and her creatures.

Catholics were the first Greens, did you know?  Think about it, those bald-headed monks and their vows of poverty?  St. Francis and his furry fan club?

Not that it’s a contest or anything. But it is nice to know in whose old-school you’re kickin’ it.

So I was surprised to see a recent ad in Plenty by a wireless mobile company proudly touting that they regularly donate part of their proceeds to Planned Parenthood. As if that were a good thing! Ecologically speaking, of course.

Because, Planned Parenthood, green? By whose definition of ‘green’ would that be, anyhoo, Shell Oil’s? Dow Chemical’s?

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