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Sarah Says Turn and Face Your God


I am reading Zola’s work on Lourdes. It focuses on that most extreme contradiction between our Faith and modernism, when the doctors have given up on certain hard cases, and in desperation the suffering people bring their awful pain to Our Lady at Lourdes and ask for a miracle.

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Tea Party, or Sex Socialism? You Decide!

A post on Italian blog Cordialiter  was re-posted recently with commentary on Rorate Caeli.  Cordialiter says Catholics must not get trapped in the box the media has prepared for it, a false choice between Tea Party traditionalism or Socialist-flavored modernism. The blog says on the contrary, traditionalists must be ‘”True friends of the poor” and proceeds not exactly to say how to do that, but very definitely how not to do so: by accepting the perks of middle class existence, ignoring the social issues and focusing on worthy liturgy. That would be wrong, in Cordialiter’s thinking.

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Read My Mens

Although many traditional mass sites are singing anthems to  Benedict for it, for those who are aware of the unaddressed doctrinal chasm between the old mass and the new, Universae ecclesiae is a liberal ransom note on the table : we’ve got your mass and we’re going to enrich her. Bring a million souls in unmarked bills, or else!

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Fix It, Fix It Good

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Gherardini to Holy Mother Church: Examine the Council!

Msgr. Bruno Gherardini has served as a canon of St. Peter’s Basilica, undersecretary of the Pontifical Academy of Theology, professor emeritus at the Pontifical Lateran University, and postulator of the canonization cause of Blessed Pope Pius IX. He is now eighty-five years old and has been called the last living theologian of the pre-Conciliar “Roman School.” In 2009, he released The Ecumenical Vatican Council II: a Much Needed Discussion.  Because of his credentials, and because of his independence from traditionalist organizations, the book is especially important.  It provides a firm response to those who say that ‘the council was fine but the implementation was wrong’, or that the ‘only thing wrong with Vatican II was the mass that accompanied its implementation.’  Gherardini argues clearly that the Council has doctrinal issues that cannot be dismissed.  Continue reading

Fashion and Faith

“I really love that dress,” one handsome senior citizen comments to another as they sit, sorting baby clothes at the local crisis pregnancy center. “It looks so comfortable!” Continue reading

The Merits of the Mass and How to Gain Them

By Robyn L. Schamel

Below is an interesting piece that represents traditional Catholic teaching on the ability of the mass to earn merit for the worshiper. It gives some insight as to why traditionalists are so intense about liturgy, and it also serves as a practical guide for improving one’s liturgical prayer for the glory of God and for earning more merit for self and loved ones. Thanks to Robyn Schamel for her permission to make the work available online.

Many Catholics nowadays complain that they don’t like going to Mass because they don’t get anything out of it.  Either it’s boring, or annoying, or the priest has nothing new to say, or takes too long saying it, or the choir stinks, or the music sung puts them to sleep, or the incense, if any, makes them sick and the list goes on and on.  Perhaps the real underlying problem for such people is that they don’t know what it is they should get out of the Mass, and not knowing that, they don’t know how to get it. 

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