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SSPX on US Politics: Brilliant and Brave

 As it turns out, SSPX politics, expressed at the October Kansas City conference featuring Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, matches its theology.  In religion, SSPX teaches us to reject Vatican II’s modernist compromises with the sects, called ecumenism.   In politics, SSPX, in line with traditional Catholicism, teaches us to reject compromises with secularism,  because its ‘solutions’ are only natural and deny the necessity of Christ being the King, the real King, not only in the spiritual realm, but in the temporal realm too. Or put another way, SSPX rejects the modernist theological notion of ‘religious liberty,’ and rejects correspondingly the political expression of that notion, the secular state. Pursue instead, they taught us in Kansas City, the straight path, the Restoration of Christ the King in our market places and courtrooms, schools and voting booths.  Give us back our heritage! Give us a religious state!

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Please Send Catholics to Outer Space

The New Scientist Environmental Blog had an interesting entry recently on the ‘carrying capacity of the planet.’ Many commentators displayed their excellent scientific credentials in arguing the many sides of the question, but for Catholics the question is moot. It doesn’t matter what the carrying capacity of Earth might be because our faith interprets the arcane words of Genesis, addressed by God to human beings, ‘Go forth and multiply” as meaning go forth and multiply. It’s our human mission statement.

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