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Holy Smoking Gun

Yes, the Holy Father is guilty in the abuse situation. But not as the World thinks. Not because he personally engaged in sexual misconduct, or because he personally transferred priests to hide their sexual misconduct. Our Holy Father is guilty because he inadvertently fueled the fires of sexual immorality while he was prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He protected homosexuality theologically, and it was a short step from there to protecting it pastorally, which bishops did, subsequently, in arranging counseling for abusing priests rather than punishment and expulsion. Continue reading

Still a Little Whiggy
   Reviewers are of the opinion that, regarding “Supremacy and Survival: How Catholics Endured the English Reformation”  by Stephanie A. Mann (Sceptor Press, 2007), the author takes a fresh look at the English Reformation.  Continue reading

Please Don’t Ask!

My credit union demands I put answers to secret security questions, and all of them are frustrating.

This particular firewall must be to protect the bank, not me. On the contrary!  If I’m ever accosted by bad guys demanding access to my account, they’ll probably have to kill me, because I won’t remember how I spelled the name of my First Pet.

It was a baby frog I tried to teach to sit upright in a tiny plastic rowboat in Granny’s washtub in the hot August sun, and I was too little to spell the name I gave it at the ‘funeral,’ after I forgot it and went for ice-cream and came home and it had fried.

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