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Once Again, Obama is the Spirit of the Council

During the Obama election campaign, this blog published a link to  liberal Catholic  magazine America that made the audacious claim that Obama was “the spirit of Vatican II.”  The magazine got it right. Obama’s take on secularism is exactly the take on secularism put forward by the Council, including his HHS legislation requiring Catholic institutions to offer what every other institution is offering: abortion and contraception. Continue reading

America Magazine: Obama is the Vatican II President

It’s official: the bizarro world of the novus ordo has declared that Barack Obama is ‘the spirit of Vatican II.’

All you sincere pro-life Catholics who passively attend and contribute to your local novus ordo parish while tolerating and even aiding through your peace sign and your donations their pro-choice politics, take heed.

All you good Catholics who believe that the government assuming the risk and giant monoopolies reaping the profits is shady, maybe fascist (or socialist, they’re all the same in the end), take heed.

Satan has almost got his unholy planetary alignment. Here it is:

Catholic magazine America ran a piece by Jesuit priest John O’Malley that proclaims Barack Obama “the Spirit of Vatican II.” You can find it right here.

If that doesn’t convince sincere novus ordo Catholics to throw themselves into the SSPX rosary crusade to be at the Holy Father’s side to clean house, what will? (You can send your rosary counts here, every month, as a comment, if you want to. I’m trying to average three rosaries per day–beat me, go ‘head!)

Father O’Malley is absolutely right. As the fifty comments proclaim, he’s nailed it! (Sorry, Lord.) Barack Obama is the spirit of Vatican II. And we need an exorcism.

French Bill Banning Burqa Reveals Truth About Choice

The most sacred word in America’s liberal fascist style sheet is the word choice. Uttered unceasingly by President Obama, it annihilates dissent against his party’s relentless pro-abortion policies. But now that holy concept is under attack, from a surprising source. France is trying to take away Muslim women’s choice to wear a veil in public, arguing persuasively that ‘choice’ can be an illusion.

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Two Miracles for Barack

An article on Seeking Alpha lauds the recent Wells Fargo success story (“earnings up, returning money to taxpayers, now we’re seeing the turn-around” and so forth). The comments, however, many from well-traveled street players, called the piece a fairy tale designed to give the market a boost. Continue reading

Sister Arlene Welding: Off the Poor

Arlene Welding is a School Sister of St. Francis, the Milwaukee motherhouse. Sister Arlene will just love you to death. No, seriously!

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Check the Oil, Check the Tires, Dollar Gas

Barack! I tried! You told me to increase my tire pressure to 32 pounds per square inch and by damn, I tried. I drove into the first gas station I saw and I pulled up to the air pump. There was a guy ahead of me. I asked him if I could borrow the tool he was using to check his air pressure. He said okay. Actually he said está bien. It looked a little like a meat thermometer but I had watched him, and I knew where to stick it.

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If You’ve Got Faith, Barack’s Got the Cure

This was the week that Barack Obama said typical-white-persons respond to layoffs and hardships four ways. Or maybe it was typical-small-town-Pennsylvania-people, but if you’ve been there, you already know it’s pretty much the same thing.

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