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May 19, 2017, 9:54 am
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To start with something positive, always recommended, the authors of a recent post by ever fecund Mercatornet do really understand how special the family is. They call it the nuclear family, doubtless playing on the negative associations with the word nuclear, but it is the Christian family of which they speak, and yes, it is very very special. And they say it must be completely destroyed because it makes marriage too special.

It is so special that even Pope Francis, that latest cheerleader for Vatican II, doubts human beings can live up to it (the same message as the article, in fact). Since we drank the Conciliar kool aid, the Church no longer teaches the requirements of Catholic marriage aggressively. It’s quiet as it’s kept. It’s on the down low.  As it almost has to be, given that the Council declared the equality of all faiths and called them Churches, even if they permit divorce, permit polygamy, permit homosexual marriage. But the supremely romantic vision of marriage, the old Catholic teaching, is still there in Canon Law, and the modernists just can’t seem to dislodge it. Centuries have deep roots.

For one thing, the Christian family is life-long. No divorce. For another, the family Christian admits of no sexual philandering–it’s called infidelity, some of us still remember the word in spite of intense, relentless cultural programming ramming home the joys of cheating, of leaving, of escaping those brats and that tired spouse and escaping into the great world of marketing stockings behind a counter at Macy’s. Back in the day infidelity could get you in a lot of trouble, social, legal, and, because it’s a mortal sin, spiritual, for if you died with it on your soul unconfessed you faced an eternity in hell. Eternity. Hell. The old, Christian law protected the family. Now society seems intent on encouraging its dissolution.

Daniela Cutas and Anna Smajdor (authors of Are we making the family too special for our own good?) see the old law as ‘harmful’ to women and children. Because it’s so special.

I disagree, and I think millions of mothers with children in a marriage and dependent on the marriage, living daily with the threat of sexual license luring their husbands from the television, films, books, the boys at work, the women at work, the women at the gym, and their own best friends, agree with me, although they will never ever say so. To be a hater of sexual freedom is so passe. We never admit to the insecurity it brings to marriages now. We are silent.

We are silent, but we scream. We limit our pregnancies and continually abort babies we could birth if only we weren’t so insecure. We are twice as likely as men to be depressed . And men hurt, too. Men’s suicide rate has tripled as secular attacks through law and media on the Christian family grow.  In the bloody carnage, secularism has the cooperation of the Catholic Church, as Amoris laetitia is. It merely takes a relaxation of evangelization in the traditional sexual behaviors recommended by the Church to make Chicago’s homicide rate explode, which those most closely associated with the events surrounding these murders say is due to interpersonal beefs, not gang activity–meaning conflict caused by all the many byproducts of promiscuous sex.

The only remedy is for the Church to wake up and cast off the poison of Vatican II and begin to fight for the Christian ideal in marriage and in everything else. I am convinced–from a lifetime of teaching, of knowing the problems of the families of my students, the hurt that sexual ‘freedom’ brings–that women and children suffer from sexual liberation and long secretly for someone to stand up and stop it. Fight it. We long for someone to teach the Faith and teach it hard, in the churches, in the media, and on bloody street corners. We are afraid to say so.

We have almost lost the chance to win this battle, and it is due to the political decision two hundred years ago to support secularism over the Christian religious state and thus escape the round of wars that had tortured Europe since the protestant rebellion. The decision was made in the USA. It was economic, nothing personal. There was all this ‘free land,’ (native American, actually, but who’s counting) and free (African) slave labor! Heigh ho! Let’s have freedom of all religions! (Because that cancels them all, haha.)

My own direct ancestor John Taylor, landing in Virginia in 1650, was an enthusiastic participant, and he made bank, sucking up other immigrants’ land grants in exchange for paying for their ship passages. I have seen the recordings of his deeds in the county records. The American narration of Freedom taught the Council how to spin, but that was after it taught France.

So, to be clear: We have no chance of saving marriage without restoring the Catholic Church. It is her spiritual teaching that defends natural marriage, with God’s big sword. It is the clear, unequivocal “special” teaching, the breath-takingly romantic idea that men and women mate for life and that each is special to the other in an irreplaceable way. That love is more than physical. That love is everything! That is the medicine we need.

But that Church lies in slumber, poisoned by Vatican II’s nonsense about the equality of all faiths whatever their teaching.

Please don’t labor me with diversions. Read the Council. It is the same language as Amoris laetitia (read that too, if you haven’t). The slimey way of repeating traditional teaching until, exhausted from all that ebullience and ready for a nap, you get to (and miss) the little zinger that cancels it all, as our experience since the Council has proved. It is called ‘the spirit of the Council,’ as if that didn’t spring right from the text, as if the damage from it were cancelled by moving it down a category. AL’s footnote slays marriage.

Catholics and the Church itself must admit the Council was a set-up (of which Benedict was and still is a willing part) and move on to lead the world in the fight against modernism. We must restore to an earlier point, before we got that virus. To a point before the Council. We must work and save the Church. There is no other authority that matters now.

A tsunami is minutes from our dooryards, we are watching it move toward us, a tsunami of economic collapse caused by our unnatural sexual behavior, of moral collapse as, untaught of virtue, we arm ourselves and kill our fellow men over sexual jealousy. Of the collapse of everything.  Of Europe in flames because she would not reproduce. We must pray and pray for the Church to awaken. We must do what we can to make it so. Women are not suffering because that darned teaching makes them think they are special; they are suffering because society has ceased to demand that standard.

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