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Liberians Call for Christian State

Liberian citizens have very recently called for a ‘Christian religious state’  demonstrating religious tolerance for other faiths, but not ‘religious liberty’ when defined exactly as we define it in the United States.  They specifically reject that. It is one of the most interesting political moves in centuries.

Google Liberia images, you will see sun-drenched towns, in which slim inhabitants bent over their nets are dark figures over-exposed against the bright surf, but young soldiers squinting into the camera are standing over gruesome trophies, body parts, and several sad shots of dead babies lying on the bare ground.  So the history is not difficult to guess. It seems to have been an incredibly uncivil war.  It seems to have stopped and started several times between 1989 and 2003.

And now this surprising call.  Liberians, whose constitution and culture was based on our own in this colony of former US slaves returned to the African continent of their birth,  reject us. They reject our rigid neutrality toward religion in the important public institutions like schools and courtrooms.  They reject the formal banishment of the Christian moral code. They think it results in the proliferation of divorce, concubinage, homosexuality, abortion, contraception, pedophilia, and euthanasia in our nation and in theirs, and for the same political ends. One by one each pseudo ‘right’ to some form or other of sexual laxity and perversion has been granted in exchange for votes. More ‘rights’ will come, always in exchange for votes, until we are reduced to the wages and the lifestyles of the lowest paid and most abused workers on earth, whoever they are in the moment, as ‘free’ as all slaves to hump anything or anyone we like in the shadows in our ruined cities, as  long as we promise to overlook an easy termination when our utility falters–‘euthanasia with dignity,’ they are already calling it. Only the Church ever cared if we gave birth to valued citizens, not litters to be killed or kept alive at the will of others.  Only the Church ever realized that taking responsibility for our own sin is the same as taking responsibility for everything, and that this is freedom, the only freedom, the measure of a free man. That dignity is gone.  We are back down in the mud, it is pagan times.  We own nothing now but at least we are no longer responsible for our sins.  They call it choice, inspired, they must have paid their house poet very well indeed. 

But in Liberia they want it back! In Liberia on March 19, several thousand Liberians in peaceful demonstration presented their government with a petition brimming with signatories asking for something different: a Christian religious government.  They wore snow white tee shirts and observers say they were a sight to see as they filled their capital, Monrovia, on the coast of the North Atlantic.  The scant coverage the event received was short on details.  One reporter at AllAfrica noted the demand for religious tolerance, not freedom, a very important distinction, one made also in Catholicism at Vatican II  except the Council went the opposite direction, you know, the easy direction. Liberians have taken the unpopular position, rejecting the freedom that amounts to freedom from religion for simple tolerance of other faiths (they made sure that was included) but one central faith, one matching the majority of people in their nation.

You can bet these Liberians represented no other interests. No al queda lurks behind them. No brotherhood, not even the Mystical Body, since they apparently are protestants.  The reporter didn’t say, perhaps he no longer understands the difference. And yet there they were in their white tee-pelts, peering up into the murky realms of government with their poor-people’s big, shortsighted sheep eyes, petitioning the void that God who was subtracted be added back.  They want a religious state, please, one that honors our honest debt toward our Creator, because they know that is only just, only right, and furthermore–and for the pragmatic, this is the important part– platforms a state in which all other justice can flow.  They didn’t say platform–or probably not, the details in the media reports were slim. They doubtless never read Pius XI’s Quas primas either, which says the same thing,  though much elevated: Christ must be at the center of every nation. These Liberians perhaps cannot read in great numbers.  Nevertheless, they know–John 10:27, it’s the Master’s voice thing–they know help when they hear it. And poor things, they need help and they don’t mind asking for it. Me, either!

Who wants the sheep of this flock?

Not Rome. Rome got off that bus officially at Vatican II. Rome has either ignored or attacked Hungary, which also very recently has attempted to restore Christianity to their constitution by amending it with Catholic values legislation. Their party overwhelmingly won an election on that platform. They have instituted protections for the sheep on all the usual fronts, protecting life from conception to natural death,  that is, no abortion, no euthanasia, outlawing not homosexuality but homosexual ‘marriage’ and adoption of children, vowing to protect and foster natural marriage and strengthen the family by every means possible (and empower them–Hungary has given each child born a vote, to be exercised by their parents until they reach voting age, for example).

Hungary has come down hard on the banks, too, insisting on independent government oversight rather than a chairman chosen by the banking industry. Hungary instituted many similar economic changes, not a one of which takes anything from the ordinary working man and woman,  not one of which would be unacceptable to reformist groups in this country, like Occupy, but which has the European Union frothing at the mouth, but chained, unable to overturn the hated new Christian constitution, since the changes have already met constitutional challenges, and besides, the party effecting them was demonstrably democratically elected and by a large majority (although the chief liberal criticism is contradictorily the ‘undemocratic’ nature of the changes, presumably the restraints on the homosexual lobby, giving a new definition– prohibiting discrimination in any way between genders—as the measure of ‘democracy,’ rather than voting results, just as they have designated the percentage of women in the labor market as the measure of considerate treatment of women in any given nation, which of course it is not, it is even in many cases the opposite).

If you would be refreshed by a politician who mentions the rosary as one of his campaign tools, please read this interview of the Polish Catholic newspaper Niedziela with Viktor Orban, the bogey man to all liberal Europe and one of the brilliant architects of Hungary’s revolution. You will cheer, you might cry. But you will not understand what is Rome’s problem to ignore this light shining in our darkness (hint:  a council, rhymes with bippity boo).

Those who are fighting the struggle against the errors of the Council understood what horror for the working class lay behind the abandonment of the Catholic state. Marcel Lefebvre wrote, in They Have Uncrowned Him,  that the new teaching would cause social chaos.  “May God deliver us from subjectivistic and naturalistic errors! They are the unmistakable mark of the Liberalism which inspired the religious liberty of Vatican II. But they can lead only to social chaos!”  (199-200, Angelus Press, 1988)

Hungary and Liberia deserve that we Catholics examine their attempts to restore Christ to their nations with our most devoted attention. The world’s sheep need new, unsecular, flat-out Faith-founded constitutions that undo the deformation of the last five hundred years since the protestant rebellion.   The Catholic state is a goal to be worked toward systematically, strategically, just as the Muslim brotherhood makes the Islamic state their ultimate goal and are prepared for interim governments as stepping stones. Gallup confirms that American people want a religious state just as much as Muslims, when the question is worded, Do you want the Bible to be the foundation for laws in our country?   Gallup found the same response all over the world.  The world’s people reject secularism. They are waiting for leadership. Liberia and Hungary are showing the way. Of course it is the way of the cross, but it is also the only way to peace.

Addition: As of April 2015, the Liberian legislature is undertaking to add God and Christianity back to their constitution.  The people’s prayer has been heard. Please pray for them. Here is the link.



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