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Adios, Amazon

Dear Mr. Bezos,

I have been a faithful Amazon customer for years. The service is so very good, the price is usually moderate and sometimes the cheapest available, and the forums are always instructive–I chose my camera with the generous advice of several participants, and I was really grateful. I love Amazon.

But I am emptying my shopping cart for the last time. Because I do not want my small part of Amazon profits to be used for gay marriage.

I am sure you must think I am a hater, and that you, on the other hand, are demonstrating justice in your support for a cause that you think is obvious.

But that isn’t true, it is the reverse. You are the hater, and it is I who show real concern for the gay community. I want them to be healthy, and go to heaven. Gay marriage will not ensure their fidelity, won’t bring happiness, and will encourage more and more ‘choice’ of the punishing lifestyle among the young. Gay happiness, as for all unmarried people, including myself, lies in celibacy and service to God and man, and in that role gay people over the centuries have been (arguably but persuasively) one of the world’s greatest resources.

Gay sex is wrong for an individual. It is therefore against the law of God. It is against the law of nature given the universe by its Creator. One only has to open one’s eyes to see that gay sex is unsustainable and unhealthy, whether or not they are ‘accepted.’ We do not publicize or recognize the existing data, but it emerges anyway, in CNN specials, for example, like the one that aired just last weekend about the premature aging of HIV infected people. New HIV cases come predominantly from the gay community, in the US. Gay marriage will not change that, it will on the contrary make it even more likely.

But gay sex is not just wrong for the individual, it is wrong for the country. It is the promotion of sterile sexuality, and we cannot afford it. Our economy is on the brink. We need babies. Contraception and abortion are also wrong, for the same supernatural reason, because they are against the law of God as revealed in the bible, but also, for a purely natural reason gay sex is wrong; it rules out the conception of new citizens. We need those citizens. They are our real, hidden wealth. We need them to buy houses. We need them to buy cars and fill schools and do the work of caring for the aged and the infirm, and imagining the next physics breakthroughs and painting the next masterpieces.

We need them. We have been killing them through abortion, or rejecting their conception through birth control, and we can clearly see the practical results–if we will just shake off our stubborn, disobedient denial of the fact that population growth is related to real economic growth. All other growth is unstable speculation, built on sand. It evaporates with the next rumor.

We deny all this.

Do you not think we’re capable of such massive denial? On the contrary, we are capable of worse, I give you the Holocaust as evidence, or perhaps you will spend an hour with the film The Trollhunter for the humorous Norwegian take on our capability to lie to ourselves when the evidence is staring us in the face. What do you think ‘lack of internal markets’ which we hear so often regarding the economies of both Asian and European countries, actually means? It means no babies. That is what is killing Europe, and this last quarter has begun to bring China down at last. The US was doing better, with a rate at least of replacement level. This year it has fallen below. With your unwise support of sterile ‘marriages,’ it will keep on sliding.

Sir, marriage is not for personal pleasure or personal validation. It is a very difficult vocation for the preservation of the delicate human species, whose reproductive vitality is not guaranteed (for example, cf Japan’s copulation rate). The Reformation already damaged the role savagely by introducing easy divorce. Gay marriage simply extends the trauma. Marriage will become the equivalent of a dog license, indeed it already has, and women do not reproduce well under those circumstances. This is already happening in the world, with the ‘marriage hotels’ where you are married when you check in and divorced when you check out, or China’s two week marriages. These are slave marriages, weak, impermanent, make-believe. It’s the opposite of healthy. It’s the beginning of the end. And do you know who suffers the most from the death of real, life-long marriage? The poorest women, Mr. Bezos.

I know that I have a chance in hell of convincing you that you have made a mistake in your support for gay marriage. But in writing this letter, I did what I could for our nation, just as I have tried to do my whole life. I was a civil rights activist dodging bullets in Selma, a union organizer in California on San Francisco’s Auto Row and also for the Transportation Workers local there, a Democratic party precinct committee-woman (before I wised up) in Florida, and a faithful teacher of the urban poor for thirty five years, retiring in Pittsburgh. I am not tea party or conservative in that protestant sense. I just love our people. I think you love us less. I wish it were not true, and I do not want to offend, but the empirical evidence argues otherwise. Gay marriage and gay lifestyle is not good for gay people, and it’s most loving to say so.

If there is any chance that you might begin to investigate the evidence with the philosophical blinders off, that is, from the point of view of the maximum common good, rather than from the vantage point of personal satisfaction and that seductive French liar Miss Liberty, perhaps you might reconsider your donation and withdraw it, or as much as you could of it. Not that the full amount will do any good, because there is no ‘good’ to come from this cause. It is money thrown to wolves. Even Amazon will suffer.

So, for me, meanwhile: adios, Amazon. It was fun.

Yours most sincerely,

Janet Baker

Here’s Jeff’s address, if you want to write, too.

Jeff Bezos P.O. Box 81226 Seattle, WA 98108-1226   or

Here’s a link to an article detailing the horror of working for Amazon.

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I will miss your Amazon reviews; which is how I found your blog

Comment by PMG

Oh, how very kind of you to say! I’ll miss doing them, too! But listen, I just found out, shopping around for replacements, that I was paying twice as much for a subscribe and save item as buying it at my local store. So perhaps you might do some price-checking, and perhaps both of us will find replacement reviews! Best wishes in Christ, Jan

Comment by thewhitelilyblog

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