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Although many traditional mass sites are singing anthems to  Benedict for it, for those who are aware of the unaddressed doctrinal chasm between the old mass and the new, Universae ecclesiae is a liberal ransom note on the table : we’ve got your mass and we’re going to enrich her. Bring a million souls in unmarked bills, or else!

They’re desperate. Their game is almost up. Most of the world, they freely admit it, is sick to death of the new mass, with or without abuses. And from their point of view, even worse,  theologians are finally beginning to examine the language of the Council and finding that critics have been right all along. Benedict must make good his claim that Vatican II was no rupture with tradition, and to keep safe the liberal ideas of ecumenism, collegiality, and secularism, he’s prepared to throw both their new mass and the traditional mass under the bus, if that’s what it takes to get the world to finally accept the Council.

Because now they get it.

In a ghostly parallel to development among traditionalists, who in the beginning felt most keenly the ugliness of the new mass and fled to churches that kept the traditional liturgy, but over time began to realize that the differences were more than just liturgical, and finally, ultimately, that the very constitutions of the Council pushed the same poisonous, sugar-coated un-Catholic teaching as the new mass, liberals have made the same journey, only backwards. They began by hating the humility of the old mass, and loving the pride of the new mass; but they have begun to understand that the heart of the change is in the new doctrines, ecumenism, collegiality, and ‘freedom’ of false religions, and now they finally get it: these novel teachings can be followed almost as easily from within the old liturgy as from the new, as long as you’re only acting a part anyway, as long as it’s historical mummery and not sincere. Their indult sites, with marvelous traditional music delivered by paid gay choirs, with the sanctuaries given over to chatter as soon as the lace comes off, prove that.

It is as if our liberals are the kind of naive devils who once believed holy water would sting–but finally realize they can bathe in it. Or say, put the cross on Italy’s  secular walls. As long as you think of it as window dressing, just a historical note, it can’t hurt, and it helps quiet the chumps.

The highest circles confirm that recent events represent only desperation, not a return to tradition, not a change of heart. Cardinal Kurt Koch, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, is quoted by Zenit in his address to a meeting of that body regarding Summorum Pontificum on May 15, admitting that, “The post-conciliar liturgical reform is considered in large circles of the Catholic Church as a rupture with tradition, and as a new creation,” and that, for the survival of the Novus Ordo, the “sacredness that attracts many to the old use must manifest itself more forcefully.”

They will try to steal this ‘sacredness’ from the old mass; they plan to gut it, and then discard it, according to Koch. Before the present crisis, liberals had shown the good home training of demanding that the 1962 missal be used as is, or not at all–in other words, not mixed with the new. Now, in typical liberal double-speak, the new instructions still pay lip service to the concept, in one spot saying the old mass must not be altered (III/p. 24), but then in another promise alteration–‘enrichment.’

The gloves are off. Barring a miracle, they mean to kill the old mass for good, as soon as it credentials them as the true traditionalists. It’ll be a two-fer, using it and then killing it, since it really is, after all, a constant living rebuke.

Proof: Cardinal Koch was explicit in his analysis of the ultimate goal of the new instructions: the traditional and new Masses will eventually evolve together into a common rite; both are to disappear: “Benedict XVI knows well that in the long term we cannot remain with a coexistence between the ordinary and extraordinary forms in the Roman rite, but that the Church will again need in the future a common rite. However, given that a new liturgical form cannot be decided in an office, as it requires a process of growth and purification, for the time being the Pope stresses above all that the two forms of use of the Roman rite can and must enrich one another mutually.” (Ibid.) Interesting but typically liberal: first say the old mass was never abrogated, whip it out and dust it off, and then disappear it again!

So the mass is a hostage, unless SSPX shuts up.

That won’t happen. SSPX has made its position quite clear, following the new instructions, by posting everything critics of the new mass have ever written, from Lefebvre on. Is the New Mass Legit? they ask. And the answer is, No, not too much.  

And as SSPX points out, the old mass teaches that Christ is really present, it’s the essence and center of the TLM,  and the novus ordo hides this doctrine:  “The Novus Ordo expresses no dogma with which the Protestants are in disagreement,”  SSPX writers say, a goal unfortunately endorsed by Paul VI, as reported by his friend Max Thurian (op cit).

Read my mens, Benedict says to his comrades. Trust me, it will be okay. Look, I will send you a sign!  I will appoint Kiko Arguello, the head of the Neocatecumenical Way, as a member of the Committee for the “New Evangelization”!  I will make sure it is headed by the equally liberal Archbishop Rino Fischiella. (remember him from the abortion scandal in Brazil 2 years ago?).  And I will appoint other liberal priests and groups as members of this “New Evangelization” committee, like the Superior General of the Salesians, the Communione, and Liberation leaders, and others. You will see, the liturgy is nothing! We will hang on to the liberal essentials!

Most of all, I will banish SSPX forever! I will isolate them, I will ignore their incessant rosary crusades  and I will stonewall their precious talks, until they and all their stubborn faithful grow old and tired.

The mens of Benedict XVI is hideously clear.

And wrong (as popes have been in the past).  So we must pray he changes it. We faithful Catholics are praying the rosary again. We are not tired. We will increase our insistence on traditional doctrine, not shut up, and we will not, God help us, let them change the old mass. If you, reader, have no place to send your rosary crusade totals, send them here.

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I read what you wrote at the link. Thanks. Yes, they haven’t actually varied from their original plan forstalled the first go-round in the sixties. Their new ‘I love tradition’ ruse is playing well in Peoria, how is it working there?

Are you praying the rosary like a mad fool then? And trying to educate us on the difficult doctrinal issues?

I am trying for an average of three rosaries a day. I think of it as my daily vote in the vast heavens, so of course I vote at least the three times. Don’t live in Chicago for nuthin.’

Comment by thewhitelilyblog


Excellent post! I agree with you entirely.

Comment by Rubricarius

Great post. It’s becoming so clear that the Pope has never abandoned his Vatican II credentials. The traditional Latin Mass is just one among many “options,” rather than the apex of Western civilization. And, unfortunately, groups like the NCW are much larger than we are.

Comment by JAK

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