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Take Me to Your Leader: You Know Who He Is–Don’t You?

They’re teaching your kid Centering Prayer instead of the rosary at your parish, and you don’t like it.  The Catholic university you went to, at major cost, is still hosting ‘The Vagina Monologues’ at the annual reunion. The Catholic politician you voted for has just endorsed gay marriage, and your pastor sits during communion while other folks distribute the hosts. You thought the Holy Father was going to do something about all these things, eventually, but he seems pretty content to be a good example and let it go at that.  His promising beginning has just about petered out (heh). You ask an SSPX friend what he thinks. He says, “Collegiality,” and you hand him a tissue. “God bless you,” you say. “Good one,” he says, and then he gives you a website. 

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