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Korea’s Planned Parenthood Changes Its Name, China Wakes

History is going to overtake our discussion of abortion. It’s already begun, you can hear the distant bells.

South Korea’s Planned Parenthood has changed its name and its mission; no more abortions. Its leadership is aiming for a new pro-natalist program for the next five year plan (twenty five percent of all the time they have for the generation cohort entering the optimum fertility years now). It just has a few little hurdles to overcome, as Planned Parenthood’s president mentions: Korean women no longer want to marry, and find motherhood an imposition, just as they were taught, aggressively taught, in the last four five-year plans since South Korea got on the family planning bandwagon.

Planned Parenthood Korea–oops,sorry, Planned Population Federation–has no idea what to do about that latter little problem except throw money at it–which already didn’t work in Sweden or Germany or Italy or name a dozen more. Nor does Korea have the money to throw at it, since they waited too long to wake up and are already in the throes of an aging society being fed by too few younger workers. It’s too late. Maybe they’ll figure that out in the next five year plan, when the ticking time bomb will leave only ten years to really get it together with that cohort, that last, precious cohort. Go here for a link to an interview with Choi Seon-jeong that gives the details of their laughable new “plan.”

Or take China. China is ‘re-thinking’ its Gold Plan, the forced One-Child policy. They wagered they’d get rich before the implications caught up with them. Alas, no. China will become the first low-income country to have to deal with a rich country’s reproductive problems.

They now glimpse the danger. But like South Korea, it’s too slow, no go, bro. Thanks to human pride and a madness for planning, when party bosses recently introduced a small modification, changing the one-child to a two-child policy, they limited to only those cohorts they designated, principally only adult children from familial one-child households, rather than extending it to anyone who wished to have a second child, subject perhaps to ‘review’ of one type or another. But they misjudged, and wrote the law so that only these favored ones may “apply” for the “permit” to reproduce again; China is still penalizing anyone else who just wants to have another baby (with a one hundred thousand dollar equivalent fine), in spite of the fact that the authorities have had to resort to nudging the couples who actually fit the new criteria with mailings and media campaigns. Because these couples are, inexplicably, not functioning like spigots. They are declining to be turned on again. The authorities think this is quite curious, and promise they’ll debate the whole issue before 2011 when they come out with their new five year plan.

And yet at the end of the day they must sit looking at the numbers: In Shanghai, in 1979, when they began their great murderous project, there were seven workers for every retired person. Now there 1.6 and falling, and it’s the same all over China excepting a couple of pockets in the deep mountains. Their women are reproducing at the rate of just 0.88, lower even than the one child the Party “allowed.” The implications of that particular piece of data must cast long shadows in the evening meditation. Isn’t motherhood built in to women? Could we have killed it, too? And fewer women are available now, in the new generation–they were aborted at a much higher rate than boy babies. Another number: right now, more than 20 percent of Shanghai’s population is over 60, and it will be over 40% by 2050, and the rest of China is only slightly behind.

And yet the impending disaster has not sunk in enough to free them from their predictable desire to save face. They will never admit they were wrong. You’ve worked, you know how it goes with the bosses. They will take China to hell first.

China bought the big lie. (We all did.) And it worked, or it seemed to work, for a while, fewer mouths to feed meant more riches for all.

Now the pied piper must be paid, and we learn the lesson: You can’t plan a family! The concept was flawed from the beginning! You can plan barbeques, you can plan a piano lesson, but you can’t order up a boy baby for April 22, 2012, when you’ll have three of the credit cards paid down, and a girl baby three years later and she has to have blond hair and no gene predisposing for breast cancer. Or she gets aborted, booya.

No. You have to take the babies you get when you can get them. Something to do with love, which has something to do with sex. We ought to admit we don’t understand it. The only thing you can plan on in families is Planned Parenthood will make its billions. When babies get ‘planned,’ babies get aborted and women get played. And women learn to forget. This as it happens has not turned out to be a good thing.

Human reproduction is fragile, even more fragile than the other primates, who are amazingly skittish. You have to encourage ‘family’ with all your heart–and legislative power, and culture–and then pray on top of that. Because, here’s the truth, when we’re out of babies, we’re out of business, and women need real love to pull it off, not the secular orgy, the unrestricted party, we’ve been having since birth-control and abortion were substituted for love.

The economy does work like a ponzi scheme, and all we can do is take the next step and prepare to expand (we’re on our way, but we haven’t realized what the universe is offering us, if we only have a little faith). That, or die. Because staying at exactly zero population growth can only be done with severe and crude government control, as in China and its shameful forced abortions.

And then one little nuclear screw up, one little earthquake catastrophe, and the burner has to be turned up a notch–and then the bosses find we humans can’t or won’t. We humans don’t work that way. Love and dignity and desire and parenthood are real and biological and have their own laws. Sexual desire between men and women is precious and easily disengaged (witness not only Japan’s low birth rate but its low rate of intersexual intercourse, which condom manufacturers blame on pornography and masturbation). Women are only human, and motherhood is a real sacrifice. When we are taught and taught hard that career is everything, and motherhood (parenthood) is “bad” for the “Earth Goddess,” and even worse, it’s dumb. When we are subjected over and over, by every magazine and movie and subway ad, to gratuitous sexual stimulation to sell products, when real marriage is replaced by a dog-license as temporary as anyone likes, we human beings have to react somehow to this torture. We will stop reproducing just as other tortured creatures in zoos do. And we have. In country after country. All this “freedom” is killing us. Japan is only one.

We, in the US, with a hanging-on-barely-replacement level of births (and that thanks only to the Mexicans!) still have a chance, if we now, now, now take a position in favor of heterosexual marriage and against birth control of all forms except natural, meaning don’t have sex if you don’t want a child.

No abortion. And no porn. Then we might have a fighting chance to keep desire between men and women alive. It’s actually the plan we had, back in the day, before we let these false freedoms, these false entitlements, in the house. Nobody has a “right” to unfettered sexual activity untethered to reproduction and responsibility, and societies that survive know it.

Knowing what you know of human nature, do you think South Korea and China are going to use the next twenty years to completely repudiate and reverse their population control policies? Do you think an entire population can be re-taught to reproduce freely, after what it cost to teach them not to? Do you think we have a chance to do the same? Why, hell no. We have other things on the agenda that are more important. First we have to make gay marriage legal in all the states. We have to make abortion a national right backed up by the marines and paid for by the government. After that, maybe. After all, we have all the time in the world, and if it doesn’t turn out okay we’ll just forget to order birth control and force women to reproduce, as one clown on a space colony website once suggested, entirely ignorant of the ease with which babies were left out on the mountain-sides for the wolves, in pre-Christian days, or–for his tastes, in his future world–deep-spaced out the garbage tube.

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