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Planned Parenthood to South Korea: Oops, We Destroyed You! Sorry!

In the astonishingly frank 2009 interview linked here, the head of Korean Planned Parenthood , Mr. Choi Seon-jeony, details the depth of Korea’s depopulation crisis and the transformation it has wreaked upon Planned Parenthood itself. Go read it, but if you don’t have time, you will find a short summary below. The reader may notice inconsistencies in the summary; they are present in the original.

Here is a summary of Mr. Choi Seon-jeony’s words:

In the 1960’s the Korean government, through Planned Parenthood of Korea, began to implement the one child per family policy, as ‘economic development.’ We were very successful. Now, as a result, Korea has the lowest birth rate and the fastest aging rate in the world. Population growth will reach 0% in 2019 but will continue to fall and turn into negative growth. The working age population will begin to fall in 2019. At the same time, the aging of workers will sharply increase.

We started in the sixties with a birth rate of 6.1 per couple. It is now 1.19. We made a mistake. We should have stopped the campaign when the rate was 2.1 births per couple. We should have changed our policy. But we didn’t. Now our people, especially our women, do not want to get married! They want’ relationships’ and not children!

We must completely change our society to persuade them. We have to have various and flexible working arrangements where women feel comfortable about child-bearing and also can work from home, if they wish. We must make it cheaper to have children. We must make all education free, and must pay a child allowance, and reduce working hours.

Sometimes family planning means to reduce the number of children born, and sometimes to reduce the number could be inappropriate. When there are too few children, to bear and raise more children will contribute to our happiness, and so family planning will be changed accordingly. That is why we changed our name. We are no longer the Family Planning Association. We are now the Planned Population Federation. We will promote child-bearing and child-rearing, make efforts to prevent abortion, and cooperate with religious circles.

* * *

So Planned Parenthood Korea has added some Praying? Well, we have lived to see the day!

Unfortunately for Korea, Mr. Choi’s economic plan is as naive as one might expect from a person with a background in murder. Sweden, for example, already tried all the inducements he mentioned. They have (at enormous expense!) arranged flextime, free education, a child allowance, and even more enticing inducements.  The jury is out, however, because the country has rebounded to 2.1, but apparently only due to the birthrate of immigrants. Discounting Muslim immigration, the Swede birthrate appears to be 1.6, unchanged from before all the natalist policy initiatives already mentioned and even more, like 115% of pay for fifteen months for each child.  Bear in mind that Swedish women have a higher educational level than Swedish men, and typically hold some of the highest-paid employment not only in Sweden, but in Europe.  One must figure the 115% on those salaries. Ouch!

An economist might know, if Mr. Choi does not, that inducements like these must be paid for, and without a fall in profits; that  means either more production from more workers or higher productivity from each worker. Either option during a period of falling labor force and rising costs is, simply put, impossible. When Japan tried to increase productivity from each worker, roboticizing to a degree unknown in the manufacturing world and since imitated in the US, the last word on the street, Wall Street that is, by a US diplomat, was that they had even  “put the cats to work,’ to no great effect on the bottom line.  And of course the former option is out–they have fewer workers every year, every month, every hour–Japan is dying. It is agonizing to watch.

Mr. Choi is in for a few unpleasant surprises in those ‘religious circles,’ too! He will find some other requirements, not just stopping abortion, but other requirements that co-incidentally and necessarily go along with a high, healthy birth rate. He will find Korea must promote a traditional definition of marriage that specifies reproduction as its purpose, not mutual pleasure. Not benefits. Not even companionship. Babies.

This rules out gay marriage. It rules out easy divorce, because women reproduce the best in stable relationships. Masturbation and porn would go back in the shadows, since  it was found, by none other than a condom manufacturer, that these are the chief factors in Japan’s national failure to engage in intercourse. Japanese men have become addicted to solitary pleasure.

If Planned Parenthood thinks, then, that all it has to do is change its name, they’d best think again. Their data apparently shows that Korean women ‘got it.’ They learned to value a career over marriage, they learned to defer marriage, to get that education first, to get that career.

They learned not to want marriage, according to many Japanese social commentators. Oh, a ‘relationship’ is okay, but no thanks to that marriage thing and that children thing. Most of all, like their counterparts from Manhattan to Hong Kong, they learned to live to shop.

They had to be carefully taught! Planned Parenthood had that down to a science.

There had to be poster contests and popular songs, back in those early days of the one child per family push. Every guidance office in the country had to have a  twenty-four by thirty-six display right by the door, each with the same message: ‘What do you call a pregnant teenager? Stupid.’ Planned Parenthood supplies them by the thousands around the world, in all languages, with all kinds of girls, brown and white and semi golden ones, all looking stupid, and embarrassed, and pregnant. The horror!

Mr. Choi does not seem to appreciate the difficulty of the task of undoing that attitude. He appears not to understand that it’s very easy to promote sin, in this case easy sex, and very hard to promote virtue, in this case life-long monogamous marriage accompanied by reproductive sex and high-quality parenting, and, speaking just for the West where Planned Parenthood is about due to wake up any minute now–it took two thousand years for the Church to build a culture where just exactly that kind of love and marriage had even a prayer of a chance, and not even in every home, but in just enough homes to produce the high quality workers and creators and inventors that built the West.

And only a couple of generations under Planned Parenthood’s tutelage to wreck it.

Here’s a little news flash for Mr. Choi and all his ilk: the film Motherhood starring Uma Thurman and Minnie Driver, reliable box-office draws, is all about making the role popular. When it opened in March in the UK one person showed up. It made $12 at the boxoffice, according to National Public Radio.

No, Mr. Choi has no appreciation of the situation he’s in. Oh, he knows he’s got one last chance: a precious cohort of twenty to thirty year olds who have to reproduce or the game is up for Korea. If they don’t have a child now, right now, they won’t have a second child. Korea’s survival is in the second and third child.  If this cohort waits until they’re thirty to have that first child, Mr. Choi already knows, there’ll be no second. The numbers are exactly the same around the world. And so the clock is ticking. And if he misses it with this cohort, Korea’s population will be cut in half, as if overnight. And the other half a whole decade older. Too late, too late, too late! One generation to go, until it all topples over. Mr. Choi figures he’ll learn what to say at the end, though, as he goes along, hanging out in those confounded ‘religious circles.’

So anyone can see it’s quite tricky.  Because the thing is, that precious cohort, they’re not even listening to Mr. Choi. They’re on the internets with the digital ghost of the old Planned Parenthood (although there is now a new formal group of gynecologists in Korea who are refusing to perform abortions; there is that, but too little, too late as well).

Teachers know this stuff, Mr. Choi does not. Teachers know it is very hard to rehabilitate what you have made taboo. There are sociologists who say it’s impossible. It’s very hard to unteach a girl who swears that she would ‘rather die than have a baby,’ the attitude the liberal-fascist media first whipped up to legalize abortion. (Cf: see comment section here and try not to cry, I dare you )  And even if birth control were suddenly, overnight, unavailable, and if abortions were made illegal again, then our new  women would do as women did for thousands of years before the Church won that critical ancient battle against world-wide infanticide: they will leave their children on the mountain to die.  Or in the dumpster.  The Church patiently taught women to value motherhood and faithful love above all other attributes. They did it by law, by punishment, by reward, by literature, by song, by example, by the promise of either eternal paradise or eternal burning, and with great perseverance in prayer. They did it without ever stoning a single woman. And now Planned Parenthood has casually undone it. For the ‘freedom’ of women to kill their children and go back to work that very same day at their thrilling jobs at the stocking counter at Macy’s.

No society on earth in ever recovered from a birth rate lower than 1.5 when disease or disaster wiped out fertility, as best historians can piece it out from the evidence. It is debatable, using the results from Sweden’s recent initiative, whether the best efforts in the world by one of the richest countries in the world have reversed the trend, have stimulated a higher birth rate among their middle-class indigenous population. It would be easy to interpret the data, but Sweden, at the same time they began their pro-natalist policies, facilitated mass immigration, and presently, in typical excess of political correctness, refuse to tease out of theirofficial birth rate the figures that would reveal the impact of the much higher birth rates of their Muslim immigrants (which will not help the overall picture, because demographic research suggests the higher Muslim birthrate will, in any case, disappear in one generation, as the girls of the new immigrants eventually see the ugly poster in the guidance office). In any case it is evident that while Sweden got itself back to the barest, most basic, no-growth reproduction of the population, to 2.1, substantial anecdotal evidence suggests it’s not Swedish girls doing the reproducing, and thus it has not been proven that Planned Parenthood Sweden’s oopsy can actually be reversed among indoctrinated women, not in Sweden and not in any population. Reversed in time, that is. And the thing is, there’s not much time. The world can go to hell in two generations if we refuse to reproduce.

There’s never been such a catastrophe deliberately risked by a few fools’ version of choice, before.

It took all the pride and lust that we could muster.

Update in 2012:  Apparently Mr. Choi very predictably missed the boat. The new fertility number released by the Korean government is not the magic 2.1 of bare reproduction, but a death-spiral 1.23 per couple of Koreans, and it is given as one of the official reasons,  with ‘ruined internal markets’ (simply a result of the low birth rate) and the ‘over-reliance on exports’ (the only tactic left when you’ve killed your birth rate!) low-birth rate being the seminal one, for the fact that economists like Paul Krugman  now say Korea has officially entered a ‘low-growth phase.’  None of their current presidential candidates on tghe right or on the left make demographics a central issue, though (rather like Obama and Romney!), and are not receiving good advice from other countries who have not even kicked Planned Parenthood or their economy-killing strategy out; the  Washington-based Center for Stratetic and International Studies gave Korea this typically contradictory liberal non-speak: “South Korea stands little chance of climbing the economic ladder if it continues to mint more retirees but few babies.  It badly needs to encourage more participation of women in the workforce. Too many talented women are left in the kitchen.”

Still don’t get the picture, do they?! That you have to induce women to go back to the kitchen and nursery, or die. Well, which is it, boys?

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Excellent article, I live in South Korea and they certainly did do an excellent job programming people not to have kids. A few families have 3 but 4 kids is unheard of here. You may be interested in this audio lecture by Dr. Laurence Dunnegan who was present at a lecture by the national medical director of planned parenthood, it’s really quite unbelievable until you hear it.

Comment by Thomas

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