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Shut Up and Pray

I have been nominated for a Catholic blogs award. My category is Best Catholic Blog That Needs to Update More Often.

I don’t know who ratted me out, but I am suitably chastised. The awards are determined by a site whose average post is about a hundred words, tops, and attractively augmented by big (borrowed?) visuals.  (Isn’t that more like twitter?) The blog’s flagship mission statement is an unattributed quote of Flannery O’Connor’s, although the blog owner at least uses quotation marks which could alert those three or four readers who actually know what quotation marks are for that the good bits are heisted from another writer.

Another very popular Catholic blog has lifted the same quote, also unattributed except in a wee box on the far bottom of the page: something like, ‘there may be material here from Flannery O’Connor. ‘

Given Flannery’s misguided affection for ecumenism, I wouldn’t bet on her being in heaven yet, but those who borrow without attribution from Miss O’Connor had best take care not to piss her off. Her charity, in life, did not extend to ripping off her best bons mots. 

My average post is about three thousand words and has been edited probably a hundred times. I posted one story (Another Eve) that took me a year to write.  So come on!  I’m dancing as fast as I can!

It is astonishing how many Catholic blogs there are. There’s a blog called, If Flannery O’Connor Had a Blog but I didn’t click on it yet. I kind of have to build up my stamina.  There are seventeen award categories, and closing on two hundred nominees.  There is a Best Blog by Heretics category.  There is a Best Catholic Political Blog, and the White Lily is not even nominated! This is surely an oversight, since even the fiction on the Lily is political.  Even the author’s poetry is political. Even her dreams are political.  And her prayers.  Her marriage didn’t end until the Soviet Union fell! (Okay: the author is me. Might as well come clean. But I try to avoid first-person narratives, flashy visuals, and diary-type posting on The White Lily Blog, as being so darn protestant! So doesn’t that at least merit me entrance into the I’m More Catholic Than All of Yunz! category?)  

As you can see, there’s been a mistake or two.  Because Bishop Williamson’s Dinoscopus is not nominated, either.  And it’s really Catholic!  Like, when it calls for less education for girls! 

You think I am joking. Do you think I’m joking? But what do you think Sweden has found to be the greatest obstacle to the only political movement that will save Sweden now? What have they found to be the main problem contributing to the disappearance of their entire country? Swedish women are too darn educated! They snagged all the high-paying jobs! And now Sweden can’t afford to pay them replacement salaries as per the gov’s new, tardy, pro-natalist policies!  And without the bribe, the girls just won’t put out with that forgotten asset: real live middle-class human babies.  

Yes, many oversights among the nominees. 

Still, that’s a lot of Catholic blogs. No, let’s be clearer. A lot of blogs by Catholics.  The brand is in play, after all.

Anyway, damn it, I posted. C ya in a year or two. Cause I’m working on fiction. For that matter, maybe we all should take a little break and tear ourselves away from our blogs and pray a couple million trillion rosaries with SSPX that our Church begin to heal the almost-mortal wounds of Vatican II. Shut up and pray.

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I didn’t win.

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