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Nancy, Take a Note: Babies Mean Business

A Swedish public health expert has spilled the beans. He has researched the value of a baby to the Swedish economy. He wasn’t trying to stop abortion or threaten the contraceptive mentality. He wasn’t fighting the anti-natalist notion  that every baby born is a bottomless drain on the economy and a blow to the environment. If that had been the case, if he’d have been arguing that we should stop killing babies, he’d be mopping university library floors instead of studying there.

No, he was supporting in-vitrio fertilization, and Nancy, girl, you’re all about that, since it’s modern and hip and way less messy than conceiving babies the old-fashioned, romantic way.  And what’s wanted (this is Sweden’s version of stimulus package) is government support, says the lad, of the pricey procedure for parents who can’t afford it. You’re all for government support of damn near everything, including killing the preborn, so listen up.

Babies contribute to the economy!

And Anders Svensson knows exactly how much! To the kroner! He earned his degree on it at Lund University School of Economics and Management in Sweden.

Sweden has a small problem, it turns out. They have been so successful at inculcating the notion that babies are just too much work, that Swedes are disappearing!  They have fallen below replacement level, to 1.88 babies per couple, and that’s an automatic contraction of the economy no matter how many Volvos remaining Swedes consume. They’re very concerned. It’s still falling. They can’t stop it. At the same time, about ten percent of Swedes wish they could have a child, but for one reason or another can’t conceive. So they turn to IVF–or at least those who can afford it do.

But not everyone can afford it. So Anders, prompted by a suggestion from the American think-tank Rand, took a look at subsidizing the procedure. After doing the math, he concluded that it was such a deal!  Based on an average person’s longevity and income, and including inflation, he figured the person’s ‘value-added tax,’ or how much the baby would pay in income tax over the course of his lifetime. Anders emphasized that he didn’t count all taxes, only income tax.   And it’s worth noting that he didn’t even try to calculate what stimulus–real stimulus–to the economy the baby’s purchases over a lifetime would add up to, nor the value his labor would add to the GNP. That’s what the Wall Street Journal recently reminded us that all babies are: human capital, the investment that keeps on giving. They felt it necessary to remind Madam Pelosi of that fact, since she revealed that, through stimulus funding of Planned Parenthood, Dems are hastening to kill even more of those baby assets to ‘help a state out’ in their present economic jams.

Bottom line? The state would reap SEK 254,000 –krona–per baby after paying the initial investment, which includes the cost of schooling when the child is young, elderly care when old, and all health care in between. That figures to USD $28,197.16 per kid.  And that’s only the taxes. And that’s not counting the house payments that would refresh the private banking sector.  That’s not counting the schnapps and strömming.

But wait a minute! Even better deals abound! Calculating the value of a baby based on British conditions, Anders’ co-authors, Federico Callo of the Rand Institute, and Mark Connolly of Global Market Access Solutions, found that every IVF child yields a net profit of pounds sterling 160,069. That’s a whopping USD $229,187.31 from each little rugrat. The difference is explained by the higher cost of schooling, elderly care, and health care in Sweden than in the UK. As Anders noted, ‘the Swedish welfare system is more expensive, which reduces the profits.’ Yes, profits! Yes, babies produce value! (Yes, here in the US we’ve killed fifty million of the little geese that lay the golden eggs  in the last forty years since we legalized abortion, or we could say in our open season on water fowl.  But how were we to know? Have you ever changed a diaper?)

Here, pull out a calculator. Let’s do a little math of our own. Multiply fifty million by $229,187.31. Ready?

That’s–that’s–uh, it’s bigger than the stimulus package. What we lost. Not ‘what we lost according to that snarky old Pope.’ Not ‘what we lost according to those pushy pro-life agitators messing with our Gaia-given license to kill whomever we like, whenever we like, right up to the very day before birth.’ What we lost according to the Rand Corporation.

Now, come on, Nance. You’ve hardened your heart to a baby’s smile, but I’ve heard stories that the word taxes makes you hungry. Can’t you give it five minutes thought? You don’t even have to figure in the cost of the IVF procedure, because most American women are still doing it the old-fashioned way. Girl, it’s such a deal!

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