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Baby Goes to Market
January 14, 2009, 12:51 pm
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There is an interesting article at Seeking Alpha  called America:  A Nation Named Desire. The author takes a financial commentator to task for his perceived arrogance in saying that ”Europe was nothing without the US’ with well-intentioned liberal internationalist blather and fails entirely to take the man’s perfectly valid point:Europe and Asia ARE “nothing” without our demand. Their internal markets stink.

Ours was barely holding on at minimum replacement levels, but the stubborn refusal of the wealthy here to pay US workers enough to continue consumption put the hiatus on the whole world. Or maybe it’s less “stubborn refusal” than their recognition that any sacrifice they make in wages and benefits goes to profit their foreign competitors as much as themselves (given our open borders to imports). And so, why do it? Thus the vicious cycle.

An economist from the Philippines commented that the ‘last man standing’ in this game would be those with “strong internal markets.” A strong internal market results from either of two conditions. Either workers will be paid more, and consume more cell phones and telies and ipods and cars and houses, or they will reproduce, and their children will consume the necessities as they grow up and become full blown car buyers and home builders and cell phone addicts.

The latter is the more secure route, since human beings WILL have something to drive and somewhere to live; it’s much more predictable at least than whether all US workers will reach the standard of living that workers in the car industry, say, used to enjoy. We just knocked them down, in fact, all in the name of saving the economy. They earned a living wage. Now they don’t.

But to take the safer road of “growing our own” makets, we have to renounce some cherished life-style issues. It’s too simple. Marriage and kids have to become the norm again. And people have to be induced to do that–‘marriage and kids’ is not easy, is not convenient, is work, is even scary to the population most able to do it today, given the lack of European safety nets in the US. Our reproducing generation likes easy sex, in and out. They would have to be re-taught. We know they have to be retaught regarding exercise and nutrition, but we are horrified at the idea of re-teaching them basic human sexuality. That would mean giving up our new best friends, the ‘liberated moms’ and the bumping and grinding eight year olds and the media pimps who fuel the whole nasty bonfire of vanities. Abortion? Gay “marriage”? Birth control? All would have to be re-examined from a new perspective. Hard work. Way easier to go to hell in a handbasket, and take the economy with us. 

One of the loudest objections to defaulting to a more green lifestyle–that is, a more reproductive lifestyle, and such may be called green since the human body itself apparently likes to make babies, because it enjoys a lower cancer rate and indeed overall disease rate when used as according to design–is the instant shrill invocation of the ‘carrying capacity of Dear Mother Gaia Earth,’ a preoccupation with some merit, but a distant concern, and not a concern at all if levels of reproduction continue to fall.

And this environmental objection would be so easily answered by a national rededication to the space program, where the best alternative energy source may be found, not to mention some sweet real estate deals. We could save money to finance it. We could earn real, alienable, shares in it in a financial cooperative.  It would give us something to consume that would not debase us, or make us fat. It would give us a psychological future, something the world, suffering under its Neopagan constriction, so painfully presently lacks.

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I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

Comment by Stacey Derbinshire

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