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Research Shows a Compelling Link: Abortion is Followed by Breast Cancer

Here’s some breast cancer info your favorite women’s magazine is not telling you during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: abortion increases your risk exponentially.  The following findings may be read in their entirety at the links provided at the end of this post, but here’s the essence:

  •  Research has found that abortion raises breast cancer risk by leaving the breasts with more places for cancers to start.
  • When you first become pregnant, the breasts produce many more special breast cells of a cancer-prone, immature type (called T1 and T2).
  • At the end of a full-term pregnancy, due to natural changes in the body as you prepare to give birth, these immature cells turn into another, mature kind (called T4) that is cancer resistant.
  • Abortion, by terminating the pregnancy early and unnaturally, leaves your breasts full of the immature, cancer-prone T1 and T2 cells, little cancer time-bombs to mess up your future and possibly kill you.

Abortion  +  Family History  +  Exposure to A Carcinogen  =  A Big Mistake!

  • If you have an abortion and then are exposed to a known carcinogen like cigarette smoke, your chances of getting breast cancer are much greater than with the abortion alone or the carcinogen alone.
  • Animal studies by researchers Russo and Russo showed that 77.7% of rats given abortions and subsequently exposed to a known carcinogen developed breast cancer, but 0% of the unaborted rats with baby pups developed the disease when exposed to the same carcinogens. That’s a huge difference, and it suggests that if you live in a polluted environment, or drink polluted water, or eat processed foods, or smoke, or live with someone who smokes, abortion could make your chances of breast cancer incredibly higher!
  • If you are exposed to a carcinogen, and also have an abortion, and also have breast cancer in the family, research has found that your chances of getting breast cancer are magnified even more. 

People who push abortion on demand as a “right” say that even though the research that found all these associations is true, it still isn’t possible to say that abortion causes breast cancer, just that all these things are found together.  But what difference does that make to protecting you from cancer?  Lawsuits, beginning in 2005, tell the truth. Juries and judges have begun to hear the evidence, and it has been clear to them that abortion is closely associated with breast cancer and that abortion providers must at least warn women of the fact.

  • Two women in the US and one woman in Australia already won lawsuits against their abortionists because of increased breast cancer risk they weren’t warned about.
  • They didn’t even have to get cancer to win their suits, the link between abortion and cancer was so clear to the juries.
  • Researchers report their findings linking abortion and breast cancer are being suppressed, although there is a new trend among doctors to report the truth.
  • For example, the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons recently published a study called, “The Breast Cancer Epidemic” that showed abortion is the “best predictor for breast cancer,” meaning abortion increases the risk of breast cancer more than age, race, genetics, exposure to carcinogens, or any other of the seven factors known to be associated with the disease.

Research also finds that if you become pregnant, your safest option is to have the baby, even if you are young. In fact, as far as breast cancer goes, young motherhood is a blessing.

  • Research clearly shows that the younger a woman is when she has her first full-term pregnancy, and the more pregnancies she has, the lower her breast cancer risk is. Breastfeeding lowers the risk even more. Regarding breast cancer as well as other quality-of-life indicators, pregnancy and motherhood are good for you.
  • Childless women, researchers found, have a worse rate of breast cancer than women with children, although better than those who have had abortions, who have the worst rates of all.

To see these and other research studies that clearly show the link between abortion and breast cancer, go to: the Coalition on Abortion and Breast Cancer and the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

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Very interesting. Good article! I was watching Cats in the Womb last night…fascinating programme about the life of cats and lions from conception to birth. Incredible footage and also the mothers so maternal. Strange they have not done one for us humans! If they did it might make people think more.

Comment by Laurence England

There’s been a program on the Discovery channel, but I didn’t catch the name of it, that detailed human development from the instant of conception. It has some incredible footage and one has to wonder how they got a camera in there! (For that matter, did they have any interior shots of lion babies in utero? The question of how they got that shot would be even more compelling!) The Discovery program makes the point that from the instant when the sperm and egg combine and the egg ‘closes ship’ to any other sperm, the cell division that begins at that very nanosecond is particular to this and only this human being. It is not a bundle of interchangeable cells at all, but the blueprint of the individual person even at two cells big. All the attributes are present, from soul to eye color to hair texture to all the rest. Do you get Discovery? Or maybe they sell it on dvd? I’ll look.

Comment by thewhitelilyblog

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