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Who Loves Ya?


Let’s not talk about Wall Street, let’s talk about love!

Let’s commune for a second with the spirit of poor Carrie Bradshaw, who wanted Real Love (but got registered as Third Wife).

Love is hard to find! Now sex, on the other hand, is easy. Almost any combination of organs, in whatever numbers (threesomes, groups, solitary self-abusers) can achieve it. You can have sex with or without consent. You can have sex with a sheep. You can definitely have sex with a sheep without consent (because, how would you know?).

But love is hard to find.

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What’s a Girl to Do?

The paperwork to escape the stock market lies on the dining room table, waiting for a signature. Next to the file is my old wooden rosary. It is not presently waiting for anything; I already prayed it still in my pajamas, while the sun came up and revealed a windy Monday morning.

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Holy Mass and the Stock Market

The stock market, at least as it is constituted today, is immoral. It is immoral not because it represents capitalism but because it betrays capitalism; or betrays something even older than capitalism, betrays the bedrock of society:  the prudent exercise of private property, whether stone-age club or stock option.

There are Catholic teachings that could guide us to a surer road than this torturous alternation of Bull with Bear markets, the wild swings that manage to maintain wage slavery among the world’s peoples great and small.  But there is little discussion among Church leaders of these teachings, and much confusion over the franchise. Some calling themselves Catholic demonstrate the protestant errors of the neocons, with their orthodox moral values (on abortion, divorce, and related issues) but their persistent worship of false gods, the golden calf that passes now for a free market.

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