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Dear Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos

Cardinal Prefect, Congregation For the Clergy
Piazza Della Città
Leonina I, 00193
Rome, Italy

Dear Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos,

I just read what you wrote about how some traditionalists were still not satisfied after the Summorum Pontificum, and were writing letters and posting their complaints on the internet to have more traditional masses available. You seemed disturbed. I would like to tell you why I am tempted to complain in public, too.
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Gordimer, Guns, Original Sin

So much time, so much experience, and yet human life is short. The woman who looks out of her photograph on the wrapper in The House Gun is quite grey now, as am I, and her face is set in the sardonic expression of her work, as is my own, try as I might to even the eyebrows and turn up the line of the lips into a real smile.

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