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Please Send Catholics to Outer Space

The New Scientist Environmental Blog had an interesting entry recently on the ‘carrying capacity of the planet.’ Many commentators displayed their excellent scientific credentials in arguing the many sides of the question, but for Catholics the question is moot. It doesn’t matter what the carrying capacity of Earth might be because our faith interprets the arcane words of Genesis, addressed by God to human beings, ‘Go forth and multiply” as meaning go forth and multiply. It’s our human mission statement.

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In the End, That’s All It Was: Just Sex in the City

To the scandal of my wiser friends, I looked forward to the movie version of Sex and the City. The television series had been truly surprising. For one thing, Miranda chose life over abortion, chose Steve over promiscuity, chose marriage, and in one of the most touching episodes, showed real love for her extremely difficult mother-in-law. She actually turned and left the abortion mill. You don’t see that often in today’s market.

Samantha chose love, too, holding hands with her younger man, pledging monogamy. Charlotte found love. Carrie Bradshaw found love, when Mr. Big found rescued her in Paris, and admitted his love for her and took her home to New York. In spite of the characters’ promiscuity and shopping addictiosn, the scripts seemed aware of the possibility of love. In our world, where precisely that, love itself, is on the slave auction block, that’s a lot.

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