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All Gone Obama Baby All Gone
April 11, 2008, 8:00 pm
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It really seems impossible to capture the way people’s brains work, or don’t work. CNN has been running a series of shots of Obama kissing and mugging wide-eyed at babies, and of babies cooing back–“Babies for Obama,” it’s called.  

Nobody makes the obvious comment that if it weren’t for a couple of accidental factors, that adorable baby could have been called–according to Barack’s wording–a ‘punishment’ for mom’s stupidity, and thus disposable. Dispensible.  Profoundly abortable.

No wonder Barack’s looking at that one baby all bug-eyed. He’s wondering how this one made it!

Nobody on CNN mentions this, as the piece plays for the ten thousandth time. The rest of us, meanwhile, can’t think of anything else.

What goes on in commentators’ brains? No irony? No gift of interpretation?

I predict–you read it here on thewhitelilyblog–that Barack will lose by exactly the number of babies aborted in 1992 when Barack launched himself with a voter registration drive. He’s voted every chance since then to abort the very demographic that could have put him over the top.

Oops, by the way, we didn’t mean to say stupid mom. They save stupid  for the posters at school in the counseling office to make fun of the girls who won’t abort.  We mean mistaken.  Mommy just made a little error ! It’s ever-so-easy to erase, girls, with a special little vacuum, and, see there? All Gone! Obama Baby All Gone.

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My own comment–Barack didn’t lose, of course. He won thanks to ‘catholics’ wishing to belong. But being as how we’ve aborted 50 million consumers in the last forty years, consumers who would have bought their first cars, and their starter houses, plus laptops and washing machines and insurance, it is still possible to predict–let the whitelilyblog be the first–that Barack’s unqualified and enthusiastic support for abortion will come back to haunt him–indeed to bring him down, along with the hopes of so many– as he tries to find some solution, any solution, for our well-deserved economic woes.

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